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The Department of Film and Video at Carnegie Museum of Art began publishing the Film and Video Makers Travel Sheet in 1973. This monthly publication aimed to “encourage and facilitate wider use of exhibition and lecture tours by film and video makers” through the circulation of information related to artists’ tour dates and the availability of new work, organizations scheduling personal presentations and screenings of film and video, as well as general announcements, including upcoming festivals, funding opportunities, and technical services for artists. The data contained within the Travel Sheet provides a snapshot of the extended network of individuals and organizations supporting the exhibition, production, distribution, preservation, and study of independent media in the United States and abroad. The MIMC database currently contains the data from the 1973-1977. Data entry for the remaining Travel Sheet data from 1978-1987 is ongoing.

Visualizations of the data are currently in beta. Use the radio buttons on the left to explore the available visualizations. If you are interested in accessing the MIMC database or have suggestions for the project team, please contact project lead Lindsay Mattock at mattockl22@ecu.edu.